John Clune

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Clune has been a Senior Project Manager with CESI since 2011. He is an expert i the performance and applicability of energy conservation measures. At CESI, he has worked with local and county governments on prequalifying public buildings and housing authorities for energy performance contracts and microgrids. He has served as Owner’s Agent for ESPCs with private and public housing organizations. As part of CESI’s work with the DC Commercial PACE Program, he has provided technical review for over 50 commercial, multifamily, and non-profit-owned projects, validating their project scopes, savings, costs and savings-to-investment ratios, and approving project Commissioning and M&V Plans.

As part of Virginia’s DOE SEP Tri-State MEASURES project, he provided comparative analysis of the three participant States’ ESPC EPA Clean Power Plan M&V Guidance requirements. He also provided recommendations to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory regarding project metrics and M&V inputs to their eProjectBuilder database tool.

As part of HUD’s ESPC M&V PHA training, he helped develop curriculum and co-presented the training sessions in Buffalo NY, and Chicago IL. He has also provided  HUD with independent quality control analyses of annual M&V savings reports as  submitted for existing ESPCs.